Closer Than Close: supporting edition

Closer Than Close: supporting edition

Become a supporter of the film that Academy Award-winner Bruce Joel Rubin calls "a revelation and an inspiration." Closer Than Close captures what it feels like to hunger for and to find answer to our most profound questions of meaning and purpose. This package includes a short video of Bart Marshall (featured in the film) reading excerpts from The Faith Mind Sutra.

Closer Than Close: supporting edition

2 Videos

  • Closer Than Close

    Closer Than Close examines the spiritual search – the search for the essential questions of human life: Is there an eternal part of ourselves? What has lasting meaning? Where do we find certainty? Rather than philosophical discussion, it explores living a life devoted to a search for answers, an...

  • Bart Marshall reading from the Faith Mind Sutra

    A trailer we did featuring Bart Marshall (from our film Closer Than Close) reading selections from his book The Perennial Way.

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